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Q + A

Q. If you could time travel for the sole purpose of experiencing the art and culture of that period, when would you go to?

A. I’d take myself forward a few decades to see what kind of progress has taken place in arts and culture – but specifically to see what kinds of innovations have come about in the culinary arts.  Gourmet food options in zero gravity on our lunar colony would be really fun to experience!

Q. What local tradition do you always sure makes it on your calendar?

A. Because I’m just moving back to the area from Indianapolis, most of my local KC traditions revolve around the holidays, when I’d come home from college or my job to spend time with my family.  We’ve now made it a tradition to go to the Plaza Lighting Ceremony on Thanksgiving night to see the flip switch and hear the bands!

Q. What movie do you watch at least once a year?

A. Love Actually – at Christmas. I am a sucker for a good romantic comedy, but especially one that features the holidays so prominently!


Lydia grew up in Kansas City, but has only recently returned to help strengthen the arts community in her hometown as the new ArtsKC Fund Manager!  She is incredibly excited to be back, and is passionate about unleashing the power of the arts to improve the five-county metropolitan area that ArtsKC serves. Specifically, Lydia is focused on growing the ArtsKC Fund through new partnerships, increased awareness, and public support (both financial and attitudinal.)  She believes a strong ArtsKC Fund will benefit all individual artists, arts organizations, and arts programming, ultimately having a profoundly positive impact on the quality of life enjoyed by the residents of the Kansas City metro area. Lydia earned her B.S. in Arts Administration from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN and enjoyed working as the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s Corporate Relations Associate for three years before accepting her current position with ArtsKC. Throughout high school and college, Lydia was heavily involved in the arts – specifically music. She performed regionally, nationally, and internationally with the Allegro Community Children’s Choir, played French horn in her high school and collegiate orchestras, and performed onstage in many musical theatre productions at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School. Outside of work, Lydia enjoys baking, running, reading, and re-discovering pockets of Kansas City, or being introduced to new ones, with friends!