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Q + A

Q. What is always spinning on your Spotify playlists? 

A. Snarky Puppy; Allen Stone; Vulfpeck; D’Angelo; Brother Strut; Jordan Rakei; Lianne La Havas… to name a few.

Q. What book do you always recommend to a friend? 

A. Fiction: “Soldier in the Great War” or any short stories by Mark Helprin. His treatment of light through words will take your breath away. Non-Fiction: “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain.

Q. If you could time travel to experience the arts of that period, what period would you visit? 

A. Prague at the turn of the 20th Century — I’m a sucker for Mucha and gilded things.

Q. Why do you support the arts?

A. I support the arts because they connect humans to each other. Art elegantly tells our collective story. Without art, parts of the story are forgotten, thus, humanity becomes less connected. Sharing a story shows us that we need each other, and must treat each other with empathy and respect. I am part of “La Boheme;” I am part of One Thousand Years of Solitude; I am part of Starry Night.


Anna Joy Walker arrived on the mythological shores of Kansas City when she was 19 years old, looking for adventure. Why Kansas City you person from the Wilds of the Pacific Northwest? This is a hefty question whose answer lies in sincere interest. Needless to say, nearly 20 years (and three cross-country moves) later, she found herself back in the city that she loves the most, ready to do her part in prospering her.

She is a singer of all types, but her favorite genre’s to sing are Soul/Funk and Opera. She has been noted to “sing from her toes.” The ethereal high of connected singing is ineffable and she still needs to find a good outlet for it in Kansas City.

She loves traveling; She has covered the US – top to bottom, side to side.  She has ventured to only a fraction of the countries that she wants to see before she dies, but she’s well on her way.