Invest Today. More Art Tomorrow.

The ArtsKC Fund is an equal-opportunity arts funding source, sustaining the Kansas City region’s entire arts sector through direct investments in people, programs, and projects.

Since 2007, the ArtsKC Fund has invested in more than 150 arts and social service organizations and more than 176 artists who have shaped Kansas City’s creative landscape. In total, the ArtsKC Fund has made more than 800 grants, with a more than $4 million impact overall. Donations from workplace giving campaigns, corporations, foundations, municipalities, and people like you sustain this important source of funding and keep Kansas City’s creative sector thriving.

Make your contribution to the ArtsKC Fund and invest in our City’s future.

Why support the ArtsKC Fund?

  • ACCESS. Your donation makes the arts more accessible. We believe that everyone from working families to single parents, urban core to rural teens, and budget-conscious Millennials to seniors on fixed incomes should be able to enjoy the arts in our region. ArtsKC Fund grants support transportation and education programming, arts groups working in diverse and under-served communities, and organizations providing free events throughout our five-county region.
  • COMMUNITY. You benefit from a vibrant and thriving arts community, whatever your level of participation. The arts have an impact on our community beyond the experience of each individual audience member. They attract businesses, talent, and tourism to the region. They account for $273 million in annual direct expenditures, and they beautify our city and enrich our daily lives. ArtsKC Fund donors value our entire region and view the arts as an asset to its overall health and vitality.
  • EXCELLENCE. Your donation supports traditions of excellence as well as innovation and entrepreneurship in the arts. The ArtsKC Fund encourages our region’s entrepreneurial spirit alongside sustaining our well-established arts traditions. Whether it is an individual artist inspired to embark on a new collaborative venture or a larger arts organization experimenting with a new program, your donation provides support for these ideas.  By supporting well-established arts organizations that serve the largest populations of the region, your donation also helps to preserve our collective cultural traditions for future generations to enjoy.

What is the ArtsKC Fund?

The ArtsKC Fund is Kansas City’s united arts fund. Managed by ArtsKC – Regional Arts Council, the ArtsKC Fund Campaign takes place each spring. The money raised during the campaign is recirculated back into the community in competitive grants to artists, arts organizations, and arts programs throughout the five-county Kansas City region.

Who supports the ArtsKC Fund?

The ArtsKC Fund is supported in a variety of ways. Workplace Giving Campaigns (individual employees making contributions at their offices during a concentrated time period) conducted at local companies account for 26% of  funding. In the most recent Campaign, unaffiliated individual donations (those made by people unaffiliated with workplace giving campaigns) accounted for 20% of funding.  Corporate sponsorship and events account for 20%, grants from foundations account for 18%, and municipalities account for 16% of total funds raised.

How does it work?

After each campaign, the funds raised are divided into three categories; Ovation GrantsCatalyst Grants, and Inspiration Grants. Community panels of arts enthusiasts, experts, and volunteers make recommendations about which applicants should receive funding. Recommendations are then approved by the ArtsKC Board of Directors. Grants are made to artists, arts programs, and arts organizations on both sides of the state line and in each of the five counties (Jackson, Johnson, Wyandotte, Clay and Platte) that ArtsKC serves.