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The ArtsKC Fund is Kansas City’s united arts fund, which makes grants to artists, arts organizations, and arts programs throughout the KC region. The ArtsKC Fund Campaign takes place each spring. The money raised during the Campaign is invested in the people and programs that make our community vibrant!

Three Grant Categories:

Ovation: Established arts organizations that reach large audiences through performances, programming and exhibitions.
Catalyst: Growing arts and cultural organizations, as well as social services agencies, using arts programming to reach diverse audiences and serve community needs.
Inspiration: Individual artists or groups of artists who need support for projects, performances or equipment that help forward their development, innovation and future work.

Since 2007, the ArtsKC Fund has invested in more than 150 arts and social service organizations and nearly 200 artists who have shaped Kansas City’s creative landscape. In total, the ArtsKC Fund has made more than 900 grants, with a $3.8 million impact overall. Donations from workplace giving campaigns, corporations, foundations, municipalities, and people like you sustain this important source of funding.

Make your contribution to the ArtsKC Fund. Or, learn about how to start a workplace campaign. 

Take a look at our 2016 End of Campaign Report for a complete listing of grant recipients and Campaign information.

Together, we can kindle creativity to enhance our community:

Let’s Advance the Arts: Your gift to the ArtsKC Fund matters — it allows ArtsKC to award more than 100 grants to arts organizations, individual artists and art programs of every shape and size, including The Lyric Opera of Kansas City, trumpeter Hermon Mehari and The Arts Asylum. With vital support from donors like you, all of our grant recipients ignite their creativity to bring new ideas to life and tell the stories of our vibrant city.

Let’s Fuel our Economy, Jobs and Tourism, Too: Contributing to the arts has a ripple effect. When you support artists, art programs and arts organizations, you’re also supporting our economy, creative jobs and tourism:

  • Economic Boost: The Kansas City arts sector generates $273 million annually in direct expenditures.
  • Job Creation: Our community has 350 arts-related businesses, including art galleries, theaters and dance studios, which generate 8,346 jobs.
  • Tourism Draw: In 2016, Travel and Leisure named Kansas City No. 24 of America’s Favorite Cities for our “world-class art scene.” In addition to buying a ticket to an arts event, an individual spends an average of $47 while visiting our region.

Let’s Invest in our Creative Community: Donate to the ArtsKC Fund, and you’ll join others who have helped ArtsKC invest in more than 150 arts and social service organizations, along with nearly 200 individual artists, since the Fund’s inception in 2007.

Let’s Do This:

If you’d like to make an individual donation,visit

  • One-time donation: Choose the amount, and we’ll charge your credit card.
  • Recurring donation: Choose an amount and select monthly or quarterly.
  • Receive a receipt: ArtsKC will mail you a receipt and an acknowledgment of your total annual contribution for tax purposes.

If you’d like to give at work, you have several choices:

  • Payroll deduction: Choose how much to donate per pay period.
  • One-time donation: Write a check to the ArtsKC Fund.
  • Recurring donation: Choose how much and how often: one-time, monthly or quarterly payment using your credit card.