Who We Are

ArtsKC has developed programs and services designed to “unleash the power of the arts.”  This includes programs for the arts community, the business community, and services to the civic community. Each specific program or service we provide to artists, arts organizations or the community at large was developed to address a need within our local arts ecology. ArtsKC continually assesses and adjusts our services to respond to the needs of our growing arts community.


To unleash the power of the arts.


We will build a city of great dreams and vigorous life, where everyone participates in and benefits from the arts.


We Promote, Support and Advocate for the arts. We are a nonprofit organization serving the five-county region- Clay, Platte and Jackson in Missouri; Johnson and Wyandotte in Kansas.

Promote the individual, community, social, and economic benefits of the arts by advancing inclusive engagement throughout the region.
Support artists and art organizations by providing expert business and financial resources that equitably grow their professional capacity.
Advocate for the arts through education and awareness, building robust relationships with cross sector leaders, innovators and officials.


Excellence — We believe modeling and aspiring to excellence is a driver for all our work.

Confident Leadership — We believe the arts need confident leadership and that if we are doing our job, we will know the needs and wants of our constituents and can act confidently on their behalf.

Equipping, Leveraging, and Optimizing Resources —We believe “unleashing” means enabling all constituents and resources to optimize their potential.

Visionary — We see possibilities and a future beyond what is evident today.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — The arts bring diverse people and cultures together. We exhibit and encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Integrity and Trustworthiness — We do our work with honesty and the highest ethics, and we do what we say we will do.

Community-centric Regionalism — We work toward objectives that enhance the sense of community for all in our region and the communities within it.

ArtsKC Diversity Statement

ArtsKC is committed to inclusivity and accessibility. ArtsKC seeks to achieve diversity and cultural equity in its leadership, partnerships, grant making and programs. ArtsKC seeks to be a supporter and model for all arts organizations in the region, particularly in areas of board make-up, staffing, training and communications practices.

ArtsKC carries out its region-wide mission with proactive efforts to embrace differences of culture, ethnicity, race, religion, international origin, sexual orientation, physical abilities, socio-economic status, age and gender. Its goals will be achieved when:

  • All individuals and organizations that make up our region have fair access to the information, financial resources and opportunities vital to full cultural expression;
  • All share the opportunity to be represented in the development of arts policy and the distribution of arts resources;
  • All cultures are expressed in thriving, visible arts organizations of all sizes; and,
  • Programming reflects the experiences of all cultures, communities, age groups and abilities.
  • All counties, municipalities and arts genres have a proportional voice in region-wide arts planning and resource allocation.

-Adopted by the ArtsKC Board of Directors on January 19, 2013


ArtsKC Grants are investments in people, programs, and projects that make the arts more accessible, that sustain a vibrant arts community, and that recognize excellence, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the arts


ArtsKC has developed programs and services for the arts, business and civic community. Each program we provide to artists, arts organizations or the community at large was developed with and in response to the needs of our growing arts community.


Whether you choose to reach out to your congressional representative or choose to make an individual or corporate donation to ArtsKC, there are many ways to support our local arts community.


Located at the epicenter of the First Fridays movement on the corner of Southwest Blvd and Baltimore, the purpose of the ArtsKC gallery is to enrich the Crossroads Art District by providing the opportunity to view and engage with work by local Kansas City artists at all stages of their artistic career.


The purpose of the ArtsKC Resource Center is to connect artists, arts organizations and art enthusiasts with local and national resources to build their businesses, find opportunities and connect.


Together, we can empower artists and arts organizations to enhance our communities. And it is only with your help that ArtsKC can continue to advocate for arts education initiatives, creative place-making efforts, and arts infrastructure projects, by telling the stories of the arts economy’s impact and job-creation in our region and on both sides of State Line.

Learn more about the programs and services we provide including Grantmaking, ArtsKCGo.com, the Arts Leadership Network, and Now Showing, a program matching local visual artists with corporate spaces. In addition, we work with local government and civic leadership to advocate for the arts.

Along with our programs, ArtsKC serves as hub for the arts community and the public at large in the Kansas City metro region. Call us with any question or idea, and check out the Resource Center for Artists, Arts Organizations, and Art Enthusiasts.

To get started, we recommend viewing our video or visiting us in person by attending First Friday at The ArtsKC Gallery.

Questions?  Connect with our staff! And thank you for supporting the arts in our region!

ArtsKC – Regional Arts Council is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Gallery Hours:
Monday-Thursday 12pm-5pm
Fridays & Mornings By Appt Only through Aug. 30
Open First Fridays 5pm-8pm

Charitable donations are tax-deductible. Our EIN is 43-1840674.