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Paige leads our ArtsKC Awards Luncheon, Inspiration Breakfast, Encounter program, partnership events and corporate relationships. 

Q + A

Q. What movie do you watch at least once a year? 

A. The Harry Potter series (yes, all)—it’s slightly embarrassing. The movies are filled with  adventure, friendship, trial and stunning visual effects. I am still wondering where my letter to attend Hogwarts is!

Q. What local tradition are you sure always makes it on your calendar?

A. The Nutcracker with the Kansas City Ballet, A Christmas Carol with the Kansas City Repertory Theatre and Restaurant Week. Who doesn’t love fall/winter?!

Q.”On my days off, I like to…”

A. Enjoy time withe family and friends. I’m a big fan of board-games, happy hours, movie marathons and a good patio!

Q. Why do you support the arts?

A. The arts allow people to express themselves freely and foster creativity. They inspire people and promote expression. The arts are one of the only things that every culture has in common—they may express it in different ways but art is a crucial part of every culture.


Growing up, Paige moved back and forth between Kansas City and Dallas but always considered Kansas City to be her home. As a child, Paige balanced her two loves: arts and sports. In high school, she balanced her time on the golf team while also participating in theatre and photography. The arts have been always been a part of her life. Paige comes from a musical family and is constantly surrounded by creative people. She feeds off of creative energy.

Shortly after graduating from Kansas State University, Paige realized that she had passion for helping Kansas City grow and prosper. She considers herself blessed to be able to do that through the arts. Paige joined the ArtsKC team in Fall of 2015 as the ArtsKC Fund and Events Intern. She learned that she had a knack for event planning and quickly fell in love with the mission of ArtsKC. Paige enjoys working on the creative and innovative fundraising efforts. She has loved moving back to Kansas City after graduating and having the opportunity to view Kansas City in a new light.

Paige joined the staff as Manager of Special Events & Corporate Sponsorships in Summer of 2016 and is thrilled to have the opportunity to help support the growth of ArtsKC and the impact that it has on the community.

In her spare time, Paige is frequently seen attending sporting events, eating her way throughout Kansas City and planning parties that celebrate her friends and family. Paige currently serves as the Hospitality Chair and Philanthropy Event Chair for the Kansas City Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association.