General Election 2020

Informing Arts Voters in 2020

Many experts have claimed that the General Election of 2020 could shape up to be the most robust, consequential election of any of our lifetimes. Add in the fact it’s occurring during the outbreak of a global pandemic, and anyone would find it hard to feel confident in how to cast their vote. At ArtsKC, we’re committed to educating our arts community and arming them with the knowledge and resources that will allow them to complete their civic duty in a way that is the most comfortable. Below you will find detailed information about voting from start to finish – registering to vote, requesting your ballot, voting early, by mail, or in-person, and how to educate yourself about the candidates and issues on your ballot.

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Register to Vote / Check Your Registration

Voting In-Person and Absentee/Mail-In

Details for voting in Kansas and Missouri.

In Kansas

Voting in Kansas is significantly simpler than it is in neighboring states like Missouri. There are more options available to voters, but that is not to say that there aren’t obstacles. The voting details page from the Kansas Secretary of State offers everything you need to know about how to cast your vote in the Sunflower State.

Voting Details Document – Everything You Need to Know About Voting in Kansas

Kansas Secretary of State Voter Information Page

Johnson County Voter Information

  • More information in “Voter Information” drop down menu

Wyandotte County Voter Information

Some Notable Details:

  • A photo I.D. is required to cast your vote – no non-photo options available. View SOS page for full list of sufficient identification options.
  • You MUST be REGISTERED to vote 21 days prior to the election date. If you are submitting a paper registration, this means your registration form must be POSTMARKED on or before the 21-day deadline prior to the election date.

In Missouri

You’ve probably heard a lot about the ever-changing voting requirements in Missouri. It’s our aim to offer arts-minded voters the most up-to-date, expert information to make the most informed citizens possible.

Missouri Secretary of State Voter Information Page

Clay County Voter Information

Jackson County Voter Information

Kansas City Voter Information

Platte County Voter Information

Some Notable Details:

  • There are four ways in which you can vote in Missouri – in-person on Election Day, mail-in, absentee, and in-person absentee. When requesting an early voting method (mail-in/absentee), it’s important to know that ALL mail-in options require a notary, but some absentee options DO NOT require a notary (option #2 & #7).
  • Due to the vague language of the new statute allowing absentee voting because of COVID-19, ALL Missouri citizens are eligible to vote without a notary using option #7 on their absentee request form.
    • You can either return your absentee ballot in the mail (it’s best to put your ballot back in the mail NO LATER than October 22), or you can return your ballot in person at your local election authority (this is different from your polling location). You can find your local election authority using the MO Secretary of State page.
  • You must provide some form of I.D. to vote in Missouri, but this includes photo and non-photo options. View examples of I.D. options.
  • On Election Day, voters within the Kansas City Election Board’s jurisdiction can vote at ANY POLLING LOCATION also within that jurisdiction. Anyone whose regular polling location is within Kansas City, Missouri city limits.

Arts Civic Training Series

2020 was already going to be a consequential election. Add in a pandemic and new voting complications, and it’s become downright confusing. ArtsKC is proud to present a new series of policy discussions with leaders in the field of topical issues pertinent to arts voters.

September 1 – Voting in MO with Denise Lieberman of MO Voter Protection Coalition (Recording)

September 8 – Biden Arts Agenda with Ben Martin of Americans for the Arts (Recording Coming Soon)

September 22 – Elected Arts Supporters (Recording)

September 29 – Amendment 3 in MO (Recording)

October 6 – Voting in KS with Ethan Corson (Recording)

October 13 – Judicial Elections in Kansas (Recording)

October 20 – Break

October 27Everything You Need to Know Before In-Person Voting on Nov. 3 (Recording)

Candidate Information

For President

Arts Agendas

Democratic Party (Biden) – Biden Campaign Arts Agenda Coming Soon

Green Party (Hawkins) – Green Party Platform

Libertarian Party (Jorgensen) – No Current Arts Agenda

Republican Party (Trump) – No Current Arts Agenda

In Kansas


U.S. House

State Senate

State House

State Supreme Court

In Missouri

U.S. House


Lt. Governor

Attorney General

Secretary of State


State Senate

State House

State Supreme Court

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