Your Voice and Presence Matters in Policy Discussions

The goal of any advocacy program should be to empower its advocates with the information and confidence to have discussions with elected officials at every level of government. At ArtsKC, we want to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to have these critical discussions. One of the complications of policy advocacy is that it is rarely something for which you can prepare; issues often come up without notice and reaction times must be swift. Because of this, we issue our policy alerts and updates so that we can engage our support network to add their voices to our collective lobbying efforts. If you wish to learn more about how you can assist ArtsKC with our lobbying efforts, please email

2022 Arts Advocacy Day

We are currently working on our plans for participation in the Citizens’ Day for the Arts on Wednesday, February 2 at the Missouri Capitol. We will update this page once we have finalized our plans.

Branden Haralson | Senior Manager, Public Policy & Government Relations |