ArtsKC is committed to inclusivity and accessibility. ArtsKC seeks to achieve diversity and cultural equity in its leadership, partnerships, grant making and programs. ArtsKC seeks to be a supporter and model for all arts organizations in the region, particularly in areas of board make-up, staffing, training and communications practices.

ArtsKC carries out its region-wide mission with proactive efforts to embrace differences of culture, ethnicity, race, religion, international origin, sexual orientation, physical abilities, socio-economic status, age and gender. Its goals will be achieved when:

  • All individuals and organizations that make up our region have fair access to the information, financial resources and opportunities vital to full cultural expression;
  • All share the opportunity to be represented in the development of arts policy and the distribution of arts resources;
  • All cultures are expressed in thriving, visible arts organizations of all sizes; and,
  • Programming reflects the experiences of all cultures, communities, age groups and abilities.
  • All counties, municipalities and arts genres have a proportional voice in region-wide arts planning and resource allocation.

-Adopted by the ArtsKC Board of Directors on January 19, 2013

ArtsKC stands by the Statement on Cultural Equity by Americans for the Arts:

and values Racial Equity in Arts Philanthropy: Statement of Purpose and Recommendations for Action by Grantmakers in the Arts:


Regarding Police Brutality in the African American Community

“Our society has stood by and watched, for generations, while racial oppression persists. Last week, we witnessed the needless wrongful killing of George Floyd. We are deeply saddened, but this loss must be different – our words and actions must reflect real change.

ArtsKC condemns racism, violence, and the abuse of power imposed on African Americans. We believe in equity, justice, and humanity; the freedom of speech and the transformative power of self-expression. But we recognize that these words will only have meaning if they are followed by action that leads to deliberate and equitable support of African American artists and African American arts organizations.

ArtsKC staff and board will move forward with determination and a strong sense of urgency, but we will remain humble, reflective, and open. We are committed to unleashing the power of the arts to engage, unite, and catalyze positive societal change through free artistic expression. We will relentlessly work with our African

American community partners to overcome the historic and systemic racism that is real and present in their community.

On behalf of the staff, board, and volunteers of ArtsKC,

Dana M. Knapp, President & CEO”

June 5, 2020