Gallery Residency Program

The ArtsKC Residency Program provides artists, arts organizations, and businesses with the opportunity to use the Crossroads Gallery Space as a multi-month gallery resident. It offers a space for artists and organizations to showcase their work, collaborate with others, and engage with the community. The program supports the development of the arts in the region and provides businesses with a creative environment to connect with local artists.

  • Residencies are offered in 2-4 month blocks between February and November. 
  • Residents are expected to activate the space on First Fridays. Additional events are also highly encouraged. 
  • Residents share the space with ArtsKC. Each resident's events and needs are managed with flexibility in mind. 
  • The Gallery Residency includes access to technology, a full kitchen, and independent gallery access. 
  • Applications are reviewed and accepted based on availability, engagement of the community, representation of diverse voices, and artistic quality. 

  • $1,000/month - For profit business or government entities
  • $500/month - Large nonprofits (Annual budget size over $750,000), or small businesses
  • $250/month - Small to mid sized nonprofits (Annual budget size under $750,000)
  • $100/month - Individual artists or small groups of artists

ArtsKC Gallery Residency Application

This is the application for multi-month gallery residencies. For events, performance inquiries or other questions about using the space, return to the Gallery webpage. For questions or accessibility information, please contact Zetta:

Which category best describes you or your organization?(Required)

Example: 3 months. ArtsKC's preferred residency length is 2-4 months, but other time frames will be considered.
Example: March 1st - May 31st, 2024
2-3 sentences
Examples: First Fridays, workshops, performances, etc.
Examples: hanging visual art at lower levels, workshops accessible to those with sensory sensitivities, etc.
ArtsKC is committed to promoting your residency through various channels. Do you/will you have prepared media assets for us to use?(Required)
Examples: High-resolution images, press releases, logos, links, etc.
As part of the residency, ArtsKC can provide 5 hours of staff time per month to assist in gallery set up and administration. It is expected of residents to staff their own events. Are you or your organization prepared to staff the residency?(Required)
As part of the residency, it is expected that ArtsKC and the gallery resident(s) share the space and accommodate each other's needs and events. This entails moving furniture, resetting the space, and scheduling around one another. Please indicate if you've read and understand this statement.(Required)
Max. file size: 512 MB.

  • Applications are reviewed and accepted based on availability, engagement of the community, representation of diverse voices, and artistic quality. 
  • If your application is accepted, a Gallery Residency Agreement will be provided to you for signing. The monthly residency fee and a refundable deposit will be due the first month of your residency.

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