Research shows receiving an experience makes people happier than receiving a thing. It feels better to unwrap a pair of theater tickets from a loved one – because you are unwrapping the anticipation, the planning of your evening together, the show, the actors, the script, the costumes, the applause, and the whole trip home where you talk and compare notes from your night out. Shoot, you’re even unwrapping the selfie you take in the lobby and the likes you get from your Facebook friends. Truth is, most of us just have too much stuff. So, in the spirit of sharing experiences, ArtsKC is working to promote #GiveArt not just during the holiday season, but year round.

And giving art doesn’t HAVE to be limited just to giving an experience. Kansas City has over 7,000 individual artists, countless makers and entrepreneurs selling completely unique products! Check out our suggestions below.

Join the movement!

Know that selfie we mentioned early? Use #GiveArt when you post!

Share your story of how you gave/received an art experience you loved with us online at

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Give your friends and family  a membership to The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and they will enjoy free tickets to all exhibitions, free parking at the museum and discounts on purchases at the Museum Store. Exclusive member events are offered at different levels of support.

Wonderscope Children’s Museum offers several membership options to suit each family.  With offerings like Wonderpalooza, Storytime, plus permanent and special exhibits, there is an art experience to give every member of the family.

#GiveArt to someone special.  With options ranging from students to benefactors, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art offers special discounts, events, and recognition to its members at every level.

Why not give a membership to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art?  While the museum is always free, members can participate is special activities and programs, receive discounts at the museum shop and Café Sebastienne, or even get membership privileges at over 600 museums through the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) program.