ArtsKC Grants are investments in people, programs, and projects that make the arts more accessible, sustain a vibrant arts community, and recognize excellence, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the arts. Visual, music, theatre, literary, dance, and interdisciplinary art are the focus of our grants. Click here for a general overview and for links to our grant recipients.

ArtsKC Grants are reviewed by committees of community volunteers.

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Grants for Organizations

Catalyst Mission Grants
are for non-profit arts organizations with the arts as their primary purpose. Catalyst Mission funding is unrestricted.

Rightfully Sewn, 2019-2020 Catalyst Project Grant Recipient

Catalyst Project Grants
are for nonprofit organizations with arts projects, activities or programs, especially if they are not year-round programs. Catalyst Project funding is restricted to the specific arts program, project, or activity for which you apply.

Grants for Individual Artists

Inspiration Grants
are project grants for individual artists or small groups of artists. Ambitious projects of risk, growth, and change for the artist while making a positive impact on the community are the highest priority for these grants.

Pictured: Owen/Cox Dance Group, Catalyst Mission Grant Recipient 19-20. Rightfully Sewn, Catalyst Project Grant Recipient 19-20. Rocket Relief illustration by Staff at Charlotte Street Foundation. Scott Myers, Inspiration Grant Recipient 19-20.