Workplace Giving is a huge part of the ArtsKC Campaign; it accounts for about one-third of the total amount raised annually! A workplace giving campaign is an annual fund drive that offers employees the opportunity to make a single financial contribution to a wide range of artists, arts organizations and arts programs across the metropolitan area.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, how simple or in-depth you would like your Campaign to be, ArtsKC staff can provide the resources and ideas to help tailor the campaign to fit your needs.

Contact Iván Garnica at or 816.994.9240 to learn more!
All Workplace Giving Campaigns must be completed by June 15, 2019.

Workplace Giving Campaigns can be fun, easy ways to get your employees engaged and excited about the creative community in Kansas City!

Effective and imaginative Workplace Giving Campaigns stimulate creativity, build teamwork and generate positive feelings about your company.  In addition, employees become more connected to the community, discover ways to enrich personal and family life and derive satisfaction from supporting the arts.

A Workplace Giving Campaign for ArtsKC is also efficient.  In one campaign, employees have the opportunity to support a broad base of local arts and cultural offerings with one donation, or designate their contribution to the efforts they most want to support.

You can also leverage your Workplace Campaign as a way to showcase your employees’ individual artistic talents through an employee or family showcase, art auction or other special event.