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Leslie Escareno is the Programs Coordinator. She serves as the staff lead for the Now Showing program.

Q + A

Q. Hometown?

A. Zacatecas, Mexico (or Overland Park since I have lived here a majority of my life)

Q. What movie do you watch at least once a year? 

A. Lilo and Stitch

Q. What book do you always recommend to friend looking for a good read? 

A. For my fellow twenty-something friends, The Defining Decade. Another all-time favorite would be The Great Gatsby.

Q. Why do you support the arts?

A. I support the arts because I believe arts are a universal language for self-expression and unspoken creativity. I believe art has the ability to reach people in an infinite number of ways and there is a piece of art or style of art for everyone’s taste.


I try to live my life modeled after Maya Angelou’s famous quote, “People may forget what you did; they may forget what you said. But they will never forget the way you made them feel.”

I am a first-generation college graduate from Mexico. I enjoy watching true crime shows and documentaries to keep my mind actively thinking and engaging my problem-solving skills.

I have an interest in learning a lot about human behavior and the human thought process, which worked well with my strategic communications major and psychology minor in college. I hope to go to grad school some day in order to be a college professor later in my career, ideally while also doing research about human behavior in the realm of strategic communications.