Staffing note regarding COVID-19: Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, and at the direction of local, state, and federal leaders, ArtsKC staff is working remotely from their homes. We will resume in-office work once it is safe to do so. In the interim, we invite you to contact us via email or phone, and we will follow up with your request as we are able. Thank you for your understanding.

The Team at ArtsKC

Heather Beffa
Program Manager, Grants
816.994.9237 |

Leslie Escareno
Communications & Program Associate
816.994.9232 |

Anna Fiorella
Business Engagement Manager
816.994.9240 |

Sammy Fosah
Senior Accounting & Operations Manager
816.994.9221 |

Zetta Hamersley
Executive Administrator & Board Liaison
816.994.9246 |

Branden Haralson
Communications Manager, Engagement & Public Policy
816.994.9224 |

Moriah Hillson
Senior Program Manager, Audience Development
816.994.9226 |

Dana M. Knapp
President & CEO
816.994.9227 |

Godfrey Riddle
Director of Resource Development
816.994.9222 |

Kristi Vassar
Accounting & Operations Coordinator
816.994.9225 |

Kathryn Walker
Vice President of Finance & Operations
816.994.9228 |

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