Arts and culture are core to the Kansas City region. The industry sustains our city’s quality of life, beauty and vitality, but also powers economic growth and prosperity. As an arts activist, you play a key role in helping to ensure the arts are funded. Whether you choose to reach out to your congressional representative or choose to make an individual or corporate donation to ArtsKC, there are many ways to support our local arts community. Please use this page as a resource toolkit to help educate yourself, and pass along the information to the leaders and elected officials who can support the arts through legislation and public policy.

American Rescue Plan

Learn the details included in the new relief legislation passed in early March 2021. Critical pieces include SVOG and SBA funding, new funding for NEA and NEH, a new round of direct payments, as well as many other provisions critical to our arts community.

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Research/Impact Reports – COVID Impact on Nonprofit Arts & Culture

COVID Impact on the Arts in KC Metro (Five Counties)

COVID Impact on the Arts in KC Metro (Jackson County Only)

COVID Impact on the Arts in KC Metro (Three MO Counties)

COVID Impact on the Arts in Missouri

COVID Impact on the Arts in Kansas

“LOST ART: Measuring COVID-19’s devastating impact on America’s creative economy” by Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings


Arts + Social Impact Explorer

Use Americans for the Arts’s Arts + Social Impact Explorer to find information about how the arts impact our society including in infrastructure, environmental issues, innovation, social justice, health & wellness, and, of course, the economy. Click each category for more detailed information.

Arts & Economic Prosperity® 5 RESOURCES

The arts and culture industry powers economic growth and prosperity, generates jobs and income and drives cultural tourism, which benefits everyone in our community. The proof is in the data provided by Americans for the Arts (AFTA) in the newest Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 (AEP5) Study for the Kansas City metropolitan area.  Below are resources you can use as you make a case for how arts and culture fuel or community’s economy.

ArtsCore Brochure
This brochure produced in partnership with ArtsKC highlights key data from the Arts & Economic Prosperity KC Metro Study.

ArtsCore Brochure Infographics

Download infographics (below) from the ArtsCore Brochure to use in your presentations that support local arts and culture. Be sure to credit: Arts & Economic Prosperity 5, Americans for the Arts 2015 Study Data.

AEP5 KC Metro Report

This report covers data for the Kansas City metropolitan area from the Americans for the Arts Study: Arts & Economic Prosperity 5. KC metro data was collected from 133 of the 309 eligible nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in Clay, Jackson, Platte, Johnson and Wyandotte counties, representing a 43% participation rate.

AEP5 KC Metro Presentation

Download the AEP5 Presentation and Slide Notes and use it to present to your business or individual groups to underscore how arts & culture power economic growth and prosperity in our region.  For the powerpoint version of the presentation email

AEP5 City of Kansas City, MO Report

This report covers data just for the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

AEP5 Johnson County Report

This report covers data just for Johnson County, Kansas.

Arts Economic Impact Calculator

Enter numbers from your organization and community to calculate the economic impact of your organization (or a group of organizations). Project economists customized an input-output model for the Kansas City region (Clay, Jackson, Platte, Johnson and Wyandotte counties) based on the local dollar flow among 533 finely detailed industries within its economy. This calculator is based on the findings of the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 (AEP5) national economic impact study.

AEP5 National Reports

Brochure (8-page PDF)

The brochure highlights the study’s top-level numbers and must-know facts.

Summary Report (24-page PDF)

The summary report goes a bit deeper to explain audience spending, organizations’ impact on the community, and cultural tourism.

National Statistical Report (542-page PDF)

The national report contains the summary along with data tables and detailed methodology.


Americans for the Arts provides toolkits for both individuals and organizations including how to reach your representative, letters you can customize and questions to ask should you meet your representative in person.

Toolkit for Individuals: Discover how to be an arts advocate as an individual

Toolkit for Organizations: Learn how to be an arts advocate as an organization


Below are resources from national agencies to provide you with relevant talking points when you’re making a case for the arts. You can also download the ArtsCore Brochure, which highlights talking points for the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Americans for the Arts

Download 10 Reasons to Support the Arts from AFTA to help build a case for why the arts are important to the economy, tourism and education.

Why Healthcare Institutions Invests in the Arts

Arts and Cultural Production Contribution to GDP

At Risk Youth and the Arts

Percentage of Foreign Visitors Participating in Arts & Culture

High School Dropout Rate and the Arts

High Arts Involvement Among Disadvantaged Students

Arts in Healthcare State of the Field Report

CB’s Ready to Innovate Report

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

Download Why Should Government Support the Arts? from the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies to help make your case to your representative on why it’s vital to support the arts.

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