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Coloratura, Though Leadership Summit May 9th 2023 event

Discover the transformative impact of the arts on the Kansas City region. From enriching our cultural identity and fueling economic growth to empowering individuals through education and fostering unity, the arts are a powerful catalyst for positive change.


Audience members look through their event program

Photo courtesy Kansas City Jazz Orchestra, photo by Nicole Bissey

Based on findings from the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 (AEP5) national economic impact study, organizations can enter their data and determine their impact on local government revenue, state government revenue, local household incomes, and more.


This dashboard is a vital tool that highlights the impact of the arts sector and community demographics that shows where the greatest opportunity and need is for the arts in our region.

ArtsKC Impact Dashboard

Thought Leadership Series

Thought Leadership Summit event, Dana Knapp and Susan Magsamen, photo by RW Photography

Who Needs Art: A Thought Leadership Summit is designed to advance the dialogue around the essential impact of the arts and drive further integration of the arts into related policy, leadership, and decision-making in a measurable and lasting way.

who needs art AWARENESS campaign

Who Needs Art is a multi-year campaign created to communicate the transformative influence the arts have on individuals, our social well-being, and our economic prosperity. The campaign mobilizes an informed network of advocates that humanize the arts and remind the community that the arts are essential


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