The drop

The arts enrich us in so many ways. They teach us about one another, about our struggles, about our hopes and fears, about love and what drives us. So it’s no surprise that there are proven health benefits both mental and physical that we get when we participate in the arts.

We recognize there are barriers that often prevent everyone from being able to access arts events, shows and exhibits where they are. Financial barriers, geographical barriers or a lack of belonging. The Drop changes that.

We want to break down the obstacles that keep people on the sidelines and build authentic partnerships with communities that have far too often been excluded. And we're reinventing what inclusive arts participation looks like in KC by meeting people where they are.

This isn't about checking boxes; it's about creating real opportunity. We want to see faces from all backgrounds in the audience because their perspectives make the arts experience richer for everyone.

For anyone who has ever felt shut out, The Drop is their personal invite to the KC arts scene. Let’s save them a spot.


The Drop is a regional arts & culture access program designed to break down the barriers to participation for individuals who do not typically participate or have been excluded from experiencing the arts. In its pilot phase, The Drop reduces the cost of participation, enlists community-based organizations to serve as Community Ambassadors, and provides know-before-you-go information to establish familiarity, all creating a stronger sense of belonging toward a wide variety of events offered by the Kansas City arts & culture community.

How It Works

The Drop provides a variety of discounts to members for events hosted by our 11 Arts & Culture Partners. In short, we’re making a difference by paying the difference. ArtsKC covers 100% of the cost of the discounts offered through The Drop, so there’s no financial burden for our Arts & Culture Partners, only benefits.

We are currently piloting this program, so it is not widely available throughout our region at this time. Members of the public can join The Drop by obtaining a Membership Card from one of our Community Ambassadors, or by registering online. The Drop is piloting throughout various ZIP codes in our region, but we will expand access in the future as the program continues. 

our network

This pilot program stands as a testament to the power of an engaged community, made possible by arts organizations and community leaders committed to realizing our shared vision. It is only through the combined dedication of our passionate community ambassadors and arts partners that this pilot program has progressed from imagination to reality. For information on how to get involved, contact us at

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