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Mission Support grants

Mission Support Grants support non-profit organizations with the arts as their primary purpose. Funding is unrestricted. In 2023-2024, we awarded 44 Mission Support Grants totaling $233,000. The average grant amount was $5,295. 62.8% of applicants in this category received a grant of any amount.

Multi-Year Funding

ArtsKC strives to be an equitable and progressive funder. Because of these values, ArtsKC is shifting its Mission Support grant category to a multi-year model. This model will allow arts organizations to apply for the opportunity to receive two years of unrestricted funding with minimal reporting and paperwork. The first year the program was implemented, half of the grantees were randomly selected to start the two-year cycle.


The other half will be eligible to start the two-year cycle in the upcoming 2024-2025 round. After that, the two cycles will continuously overlap, which will allow ArtsKC to offer two-year grants to all grantees every year in the Mission Support Category.

timeline & deadlines

2024-2025 Deadlines coming soon! This grant is currently closed. Applications are tentatively scheduled to open again in July, 2024 with a deadline in October, 2024.


2023-2024 Deadlines:

Application opens: August 16, 2023

Deadline to apply: November 2nd, 2023 at 11:45 PM

  • Staff will sort all applications by budget size and put them in two groups below and above the median amount. Group A – smaller to midsize budget organizations. Group B – midsize to larger budget organizations. The median will be determined after receiving applications.

Group A

  • An evaluation committee will consider Group A’s applications first. The committee will meet in November/December 2023.
  • Group A’s Grant Decision Announcements will be made in late December 2023.

Group B

  • An evaluation committee will consider Group B’s applications second. The committee will meet in January/February 2024.
  • Group B’s Grant Decision Announcements will be made in late February 2024.

Of the grantees from both Group A and Group B, a group will be randomly selected to start the two-year grant cycle. The other half will be eligible to start the two-year cycle next fiscal year.

Single Year Grantees Timeline:

Impact Report Deadline: June 17, 2024

Multi-year Grantees Timeline:

First Impact Report Deadline: November 18, 2024

Final Impact Report Deadline: June 16, 2025


To be Eligible for funding in the Mission Support category, an organization must:

  • Be a registered not-for-profit arts organization whose primary purpose is the arts
  • Be principally located in the five-county Kansas City metropolitan area (Clay, Jackson, Johnson, Platte, Wyandotte)
  • Have a governing body with bylaws
  • Have at least two years of financial records and established history of programming

Organizations may submit one grant application to ArtsKC per year. 

Organizations may not apply for Inspiration Grant funding, which are for individual artists.
ArtsKC funding is meant to support public-facing and publicly accessible programming. Educational institutions should apply in Project Support.
For organizations that have received an ArtsKC Grant in the past, Impact Reports must be submitted and accepted before applying again.

how to apply

Applications are submitted online using the ArtsKC Grant System


If you have not applied before, when you go to the ArtsKC Grant System, click on the “Create New Account” button, and follow the directions there.  If you are a new user but your organization has applied for ArtsKC funding before, email to help set up your user profile.


If you have applied before, log in to your existing account in the ArtsKC Grant System and click on the “Apply” link to start a new application. Use the “Forgot Your Password?” link if you don’t remember what your password is. When you return to work on a saved application, be sure to look for your previously started form!


If you need assistance with the online application process, please see this video: Grant Applicant Tutorial.


*Note: The online grants system is compatible with screen reading systems, but does not have an in-application screen-reader.


Draft applications may be submitted for review by staff.  This step is strongly encouraged for new applicants. Draft applications do not require a full set of attachments or support materials to be reviewed and should be completed via the online grants system. Once the application has been completed for a draft review, email the ArtsKC Grants staff to say that the application is ready for draft review. ArtsKC staff will review applications in the order they are submitted and will provide timely feedback to the applicant. Applicants will be able to make changes directly in the application without having to start the application over. Draft applications must be submitted 30 days before the application deadline in order to allow time for staff to review it.


A preview of the 2021-2022 Mission Support Grant application is linked below:

Mission Support FY24 Application


Mission Grants are competitive. Grant recipients are chosen by a continually renewed and representative group of community members with a variety of expertise and diverse perspectives. Committee Members are selected for their artistic knowledge and experience, awareness of community needs and issues, and other contributing factors. An ArtsKC Board Member leads each committee.  Grants are approved by the ArtsKC Board of Directors.


The committee will consider:

  • Artistic and Programmatic Excellence
  • Community Impact
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility
  • Financial Management and Need
  • The application in comparison to all other applications in the competitive process.


Committee members will use the following Evaluation Form:

Mission Support FY24 Evaluation Form


ArtsKC is seeking equity in our funding practices.
We will use the numbers and demographics you provide to determine how much of your organization’s staff, volunteers, and board of directors is made up of underrepresented communities such as BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and people with disabilities.

To work toward equity, the organizations that are diverse-led through greater overall representation among their staff, board, and volunteers will receive added value in the evaluation process. We acknowledge that collecting demographic data is a continually improving practice. Here’s a resource to consider: GuideStar by Candid’s DEI Survey Guide.

grant amounts

All grants will be for $5,000. For multi-year funding, grantees will receive $5,000 this year and the second year grant amount will be contingent upon ArtsKC’s fundraising (though we will aim for $5,000). Additional funding may be assigned to organizations determined to be diverse-led.

Due to the small amount of variation between grant amounts, ArtsKC is no longer asking you to define your Requested Amount.

Grant Acceptance & Payment

To accept a grant, you must return your signed Grant Agreement Letter and W-9 within 15 business days of the notice, or you will forfeit your entire grant award.


You do not have to accept grants. If you have been awarded a grant and would like to turn it down or return it because of a change in plans or for any other reason, please notify ArtsKC Grant Staff immediately.


Single year grants are paid in two payments. The grant recipient must return a signed grant agreement and W-9 in order to receive the first payment of 80%. To receive the second payment of 20%, the grantee must turn in an Impact Report, which must be approved by ArtsKC. Please allow two weeks after submitting grant agreements and impact reports to process checks.


Multi-year grants will consist of one payment per year. In order to receive the second year of funding, grantees must fill out an Impact Report. A short Impact Report must be filled out at the end of the two-year grant cycle as well in order to be eligible for future grants.

Impact Report

You are required to submit an Impact Report by the deadline, or you will forfeit your final payment. We understand that it may become necessary to request a reasonable extension. Please do so by contacting ArtsKC well before the deadline to ensure timely processing of your request. ArtsKC will work with applicants in the event your project is delayed or postponed. Please contact us to discussion the circumstances. If an Impact Report is not received after the agreed upon date, you will become ineligible to apply for ArtsKC grants. Ineligibility can be reversed by the submission of an acceptable Impact Report.


Impact Reports for 2022-2023 Mission Support Grants are due June 15, 2023.

Impact Reports are submitted through the ArtsKC Grant System

A preview of the Impact Report is available below:

2022-2023 Mission Support Grant – Impact Report


Impact Reports for 2023-2024:


Single Year Grantees Timeline:
Impact Report 1 Deadline: June 17, 2024

Multi-year Grantees Timeline:
Impact Report 1 Deadline: November 18, 2024
Impact Report 2 Deadline: June 16, 2025


Previews of the Impact Reports are available below:

Mission Support FY24 Impact Report 1

Mission Support FY24 Impact Report 2


During the duration of your active status as an Mission Support grant recipient, we ask that you recognize ArtsKC publicly in your promotional materials and programs in a manner consistent with your policy of acknowledging other donors. Please recognize ArtsKC by name, and use the ArtsKC logo. As part of this agreement, ArtsKC respectfully requests to use your name and any photos you are willing to provide in our promotional materials and online. 

Download ArtsKC’s logos and brand guidelines here. 

Communicate Changes

Please notify ArtsKC staff in writing of any major changes in leadership, programs or operations as described in your grant application. Updates to contact information are also necessary to stay in contact and to mail checks to the appropriate address.

Selection committees

2023-2024 Mission Support Grant Committees:


Group A – Grant Committee

Committee Chair: Tim Marchesi CFA, President and CEO, Demarche

Bijoy Shah – Venture Capital Investor, Fulcrum Global Capital
Chancellor Adams – Artist
Deanna Munoz – Civic Engagement Fellow, Latinx Education Collaborative & Founder, Latino Arts Foundation
Khyneesha Edwards – Graphic Designer, President of AIGA Kansas City
Leigh Murray – Executive Director, KC Contemporary Dance
Logan Stacer – Executive Artistic Director, Heartland Arts KC
Roxanne Hill – Executive Director, The Regnier Family Wonderscope Children’s Museum of Kansas City
Sue Matcuk – Education & Training Manager, Burns & McDonnell
Thaovy Do – Creative Strategist, Content Creator, and Artist
Sally Paul – Artist, Educator, Curator 


Group B – Grant Committee

Committee Chair: Chris Migneron –  AIA, NCARB Senior Vice President, JE Dunn Construction

Adrianne Clayton – Artist, Educator
Danielle Ate the Sandwich – songwriter/performer/teacher
Junann Lopez – President, NAAAP-KC
Justin Nosler – Writer/Producer
Kate Schroeder – Artist/Entrepreneur
Markeyta Young – Education Programs Coordinator, Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey
Mary Silwance – Writer, Editor, and Instructor
Sheila Shockey – Artist and Owner of 80 Santa Fe Art Gallery
Victoria Barbee – Author, Entertainer, and Motivational Speaker

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