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ArtsKC, the nonprofit regional arts council, and Kansas City PBS partnered to produce a documentary detailing how arts intertwine in every facet of daily life. 


Art Moves Us was born out of our desire at ArtsKC to continue to elevate the individual, social and economic impact of the arts, not only in Kansas City but to society overall,” said Dana Knapp, President, and CEO of ArtsKC. “We work to advance lives through access to the arts for all.”


ArtsKC first approached Kansas City PBS producers with the concept of celebrating the arts in Kansas City after a challenging year for the artistic community. The pandemic impacted several artists and arts organizations due to venue closures, performance cancellations, and loss of work for many creative industries.


Kansas City PBS is the perfect partner for the documentary due to their recent series of performing arts specials.

“I’m really proud of the work we have done while operating under COVID restrictions,” said Brad Austin, director and producer of Art Moves Us. “We’ve created a number of arts programs spotlighting the ingenuity, talent, and passion of this community. Now, with Art Moves Us and things opening back up, it’s great to see all these arts organizations and artists able to show us what they’ve been working on while theaters, performance spaces, and studios have largely remained dark.”

In the special, viewers will witness moving and beautiful performances by Trinity Irish Dance Company at the Midwest Trust Center at Johnson County Community College, Mutual Musicians Foundation, Spinning Tree Theatre, Owen Cox Dance Company, and many more. Plus, hear from experts from The Kansas City Museum, University Health, and Mattie Rhodes on the impact the arts have on us as individuals and as a society.


“To me, this documentary is about bringing to light that everyone has a story to tell, and I hope that people can encounter new methods to tell or hear those stories in ways that are accessible to them, whether it be through free collage workshops, performances, or more public art to engage with the community and challenge their preconceived notions about what art can or should be,” said muralist Emily Alvarez who is featured in the Art Moves Us special.

“My hope is that [viewers] will feel a sense of belonging and connectedness,” said Knapp. “Not only between themselves but through the enjoyment of the program. And, ultimately, be inspired to participate in the arts and artistic process by visiting ArtsKC.org to discover concerts, exhibits, classes, fairs, and more from across our community.” 


Community members will also be invited to bring the film to life by attending select community arts events across the region. One way to support the local arts community is by attending local art events. You can find them at ArtsKCGo.com.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC), and Spira Care are co-presenting sponsors of Art Moves Us.

“The arts offer more than creative expression; they are a tool to combat physical and mental medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma,” said Beau McNeff, President of Spira Care. “We decided to support Art Moves Us because it will elevate both individuals and organizations to tell the story of how the arts build our sense of belonging and overall well-being. Plus, viewers will learn how to find and benefit from the arts in their neighborhood.” 

For more information, visit kansascitypbs.org/artmovesus. To learn more about supporting and participating in the arts, please visit ArtsKC.org/artsmovesus.



Leslie Escareno

Communications & Program Associate