Each year since 2016, ArtsKC Regional Arts Council has been providing funds for local artists through Inspiration Grants. This year, ArtsKC is giving $35,468 in Inspiration Grants to 18 local artists.

Inspiration Grants are designed to support individual or small groups of artists in the area as they work on an ambitious project, which artists pitch in their applications.

“The artists in our region are at the center of all that the arts provide. They offer each of us solace, reflection, and inspiration,” says ArtsKC President and CEO Dana Knapp. “Supporting the individuals who possess the courage and creativity to freely express their brilliance is at the core of ArtsKC’s mission. It is the purpose of our Inspiration Grant Program. Please join me in supporting the artists in our region and celebrating each of these remarkable grant recipients.”

Before being selected to receive a grant, applicants were judged by a committee of local community members led by ArtKC board member, Dr. Derald Davis. Committee members made selections, holding art projects that showed potential of allowing the artist to grow while positively impacting the community as a high priority.

2020-2021 Inspiration Grant recipients were announced yesterday. Here is a list of recipients and the name of their projects. For more information on the artists and their projects, see the ArtsKC website.