Jenny Molberg

Jenny Molberg’s Elaine: Writing against Silence is a book project, written in poetic and hybrid forms, that explores the work of visual artists excluded from a hegemonic canon in art history. Utilizing personal, historical, and cultural lenses, this collection addresses gatekeeping in creative environments, fostering gender-inclusivity and safe spaces within artistic communities. This project will include a community workshop entitled “Margins and Memory: The Craft of Trauma and Truth,” as well as a public reading where participants are invited to share work generated in the workshop. Grant funds will be used for travel to engage in immersive research, submission to literary awards, and providing a free workshop to community members interested in addressing trauma through writing.

Jenny Molberg

Discipline : Literary

Grant Type : Inspiration

Year : 2023-2024

County : Jackson (MO)

City : Kansas City, MO

State : MO

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