Kyle Jones

Kansas City saxophonist, improviser, and arts administrator, Kyle Jones, is partnering with KC-based composer, Paul Berlinsky, to present a two-fold commissioning initiative and public concert performance, entitled “Seasons and Cycles,” that will take place in February of 2024 at the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium. The new work from Paul for baritone saxophone and electronics engages with our relationship to nature as human beings, as well as the importance of cyclical change. In addition to Paul’s new work, the program will feature pieces by other composers that maintain the through-line association with nature and change, including Alexandra Gardner, Anthony R. Green, and Nathan Nokes

Kyle Jones

Discipline : Multidisciplinary Combination

Grant Type : Inspiration

Year : 2023-2024

County : Jackson (MO)

City : Kansas City, MO

State : MO

Kyle Jones

Discipline :

Grant Type : Inspiration (artist)

Year : 2021-2022

County : Jackson

City : Kansas City

State : MO

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