Kyle Jones

Queer Saxophonists Nathan Mertens (he/him) and Kyle Jones (he/him) are currently commissioning a new chamber work from Anthony Green (he/him) and a solo work by Olivia Shortt (they/them), specifically addressing narratives existing inside the LGBTQIA+ community. As classical saxophonists, we looked internally at our own community and our repertoire and began asking, “What music is currently being represented and what voices are missing?” In addition to the public performance of these works, Nathan and Kyle will be partnering with local LGBTQIA+ organizations to offer a mentorship/learning opportunity with area LGBTQIA+ youth.

Kyle Jones

Discipline : Multidisciplinary Combination

Grant Type : Inspiration

Year : 2023-2024

County : Jackson (MO)

City : Kansas City, MO

State : MO

Kyle Jones

Discipline :

Grant Type : Inspiration (artist)

Year : 2021-2022

County : Jackson

City : Kansas City

State : MO

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