Linda Jurkiewicz

My name is Linda Jurkiewicz and I am a fiber artist. Historically, working with cloth is considered “Women’s Work” and I utilize this medium to explore and challenge past and current viewpoints of women’s roles in our society in my artistic practice.
“Integration of Inner and Outer Life through Working with Textiles” will provide the opportunity for participants to learn the art of weaving, explore their creativity through textile arts, and connect with a new aspect of themselves through working with fiber arts.
I will be reaching out to organizations within Kansas City to offer these workshops through a free one-hour introductory class. Grant funds will be used to advertise the workshops, purchase the looms and supplies, and to offer reduced costs to specific populations.

Linda Jurkiewicz

Discipline :

Grant Type : Inspiration (artist)

Year : 2021-2022

County : Jackson

City : Kansas City

State : MO

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