MG Salazar

Multi-disciplinary artists JosĂ© Faus, Isaac Tapia, Rico Alvarez, and MG Salazar are bringing Faus’ children’s story “Possum Trot” to life in a fully – illustrated children’s book. To be designed and published by La Resistencia Press, this will be the first children’s book for all involved. Featuring characters and a story line unique to Kansas City, this book is a nostalgic love letter to the city we’ve grown up in, and to the generation that comes after us. We will premiere the book later 2022, and look forward for everyone to join us for our book releases. Grant funds will be used for producing the artistry needed, and publication.

MG Salazar

Discipline :

Grant Type : Inspiration (artist)

Year : 2021-2022

County : Jackson

City : Kansas City

State : MO

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