Nicholas May

Nick May, saxophonist and composer, is the creator of the I Exist Project, which amplifies the richness and diversity of queer life, culture, and artistry by partnering with a broad spectrum of talented queer composers and performers. Their mission is to inspire the creation and promotion of innovative queer repertoire that celebrates the unique experiences and voices within our community, fostering greater understanding, connection, and visibility for all. Grant funds will be used for the recording, production, and release of the I Exist Project’s inaugural album featuring compositions by queer composers Jennifer Higdon, Peter Dayton, Spencer Arias, Darius Edwards, Sebastian Zhang, Stuart Beatch, Aaryn S. Ricucci-Hill, and Xenia St. Charles Iris Llyllyth.

Nicholas May

Discipline : Music

Grant Type : Inspiration

Year : 2023-2024

County : Platte (MO)

City : Parkville, MO

State : MO

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