Olivia Michka

In Making Music, visual artist Olivia Michka combines her two greatest passions – music and art – by creating live-concert paintings. Collaborating with local venues and bands, Olivia arrives at a concert with a blank canvas and works to the energy of the music, the musicians, and the audience to produce a fully-completed oil painting by the end of the show. Making Music seeks to enhance the live music experience and make fine art more accessible to the general public, while creating a unique body of work that appeals to art-lovers, music-lovers, and everyone in between. Grant funds will be used for supplies, marketing, and for the documentation and post-production of the work and a short project documentary.

Olivia Michka

Discipline : Visual

Grant Type : Inspiration

Year : 2023-2024

County : Jackson (MO)

City : Kansas City, MO

State : MO

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