Scott Myers and Jacqueline Gafford

For the theatre community and the larger community in the Kansas City region, “lost narratives” of the last 400 plus years come to life in “Only the Wounds and Weapons Have Changed”. All who experience this stage play will find their own understanding of racism and white supremacy deepened, and they will gain personal power to become liberated themselves. The play makes a serious contribution to the un-erasing of Black History. The play helps to dismantle what author James Baldwin called “the white falsification of history”, replacing it with the whole truth. Jacqueline Gafford and Scott Myers are writers. Through writing this play, and staging it, they hope to empower people of all races to transform their thinking and imagine a world of freedom, equity and mutual understanding.

Scott Myers and Jacqueline Gafford

Discipline :

Grant Type : Inspiration (artist)

Year : 2021-2022

County : Jackson

City : Kansas City

State : MO

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