Spiral Editions (Ryan Skrabalak)

Spiral Editions is a queer-run nanopress of experimental poetry, fiction, and ephemera based in so-called “Lawrence, Kansas.” We print small, limited-run chapbooks of poetry and experimental fiction using a combination of digital printing, Risograph printing, and letterpress printing. Spiral Editions aims to facilitate, in the words of Bernadette Mayer, “a momentary and urgent dissemination of poetry, which is also full of pleasure, [outside of] the marketplace.” Grant funds will be used to print larger runs of books, purchase necessary press materials and tools, and publish our first full-length book of poetry.

Spiral Editions (Ryan Skrabalak)

Discipline : Literary

Grant Type : Inspiration

Year : 2023-2024

County : Douglas (KS)

City : Lawrence, KS

State : KS

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