Vesta Flowers

My name is Vesta Flowers, and I am a visual artist. I plan to design, produce, and sell eight fully dressed, unique ball jointed dolls by employing Computer Aided Design and 3D resin printing technology. The sales of these eight dolls will serve as the launch of my doll line. I have been designing and producing ¼ scale fashion doll clothing for several years, and I hope to produce a doll line as an expansion my existing business. I intend to manage all aspects of this project myself. The project will take place in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The grant funds from ArtsKC will be used to partially fund the launch of my ball jointed doll line.

Vesta Flowers

Discipline : Visual

Grant Type : Inspiration

Year : 2023-2024

County : Jackson (MO)

City : Lee's Summit, MO

State : MO

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